I welcome you to come and join us at my studio. I provide a peaceful environment to start or nourish your yoga practice. Since 2000, I’ve been leading multi-level yoga students, including beginners, in a high quality, alignment-based, heart-centered experience. I teach a synthesis of asana (postures), pranyama (breathing exercises) and meditation. I am committed to attending workshops frequently with remarkable, renowned teachers, so classes stay fresh as I continue to grow..

Ninety students a week come to the studio where we breathe, strengthen, and stretch our bodies and minds, while learning to reach our full potential.

I’m dedicated to creating true community, and the classes reflect that. I’m proud to say that the Chatham County Chatlist has voted my studio as the best in Chatham County!

I have all of the props there that you might need: mats, blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters and eye bags.